ASF (adhesive sewing fastening) - This binding is used for printing products that must be wear-resistant during long-term and intensive use.

The technology of this binding includes two separate processes - notebooks are pre-sewn onto a thread, the block is moved using a hot-melt glue machine (KBS) with the frieze turned off.
Adhesive sewing binding is more expensive than just ASF (thermobinder), but despite the cost, this binding is durable, reliable, and also a good analogue to hard binding.
(book) binding, which costs many times more and takes much longer to produce.

ASF (adhesive sewing fastening) - This is the ideal solution for a limited budget.
Suitable for many types of printing products:

  • Notebooks, planners, journals
  • Catalogues, brochures, photo books

meets the highest requirements, is reliable and convenient.

What covers are suitable for ASF?:

  • Coated paper with a density of up to 350 g/m2 with and without lamination
  • Designer cardboard and paper
  • Laminated cardboard
  • Cardboard bound in leather and leatherette

Rules for preparing a layout for ASF (adhesive sewing fastening):

  • The number of pages in a block must be divisible by 4
  • The minimum number of pages in one notebook is 8 (or two sheets)
  • The minimum number of notebooks in a block is 3.

The cost of the order always depends on the circulation and the material you have chosen.
For additional information and for an accurate calculation, please contact our consultant.

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