Requirements for layouts

We will be grateful to all our customers, who in the making of its layout will take into account our requirements and give us a correct file!

Requirements for layouts with digital printing

  1. MYK color palette for all objects, including the raster objects inserted into vector files.
  2. Pantones are allowed. If you want to get in a certain color, report number of pantone or CMYK or bring a sample of the color.
  3. Light colors less than 8% and dark tones than 92% cannot be seen.
  4. The uniformity of large arrays of spot colors in digital printing is not guaranteed. In this case to the dies is necessary to add noise photoshop about 10%;
  5. Recommended resolution bitmaps 300dpi;
  6. Maximum printing area digital printing 314x440mm;
  7. File formats: eps, tif, qxd with all attachments and without the use of fonts;
  8. If Illustrator effects such as transparency, shadows, and other similar effects are used in the layout the file must be rastered and given us in .tif format.
  9. Raster files are requested to provide, without alpha channels;
  10. The fonts in vector files please convert to curves;
  11. The layout should be created in view of erasures when cutting 3 mm on each side and 2 mm error when double-sided printing.
  12. Layout punch / die-cut products must have a margin for cutting / die-cut 3 mm.
  13. Layout of multipage booklet (more than 8 pages) must have stock for the undercut 5 mm.
  14. The minimum line width is 0.25 pt.

If your layout does not meet these standards, the cost of printing increases because of the improvements made by our specialists.

For professionals who want to give a ready-to-digital print .ps file along the narrow edge of the valve. Register-image on the sheet. SRA3 Page Size. Margins: top 3 mm, 5 mm lower, left and right by 3 mm. Area sealing 314x440mm.

For personalization give file Excel for the customized text information or a set of eps or tif files to the customized graphics.

For cutting and notching a vector file with knife loop is required. Not cut fields at the edges of the sheet by 10mm on three sides and the fourth side 25 mm. Layouts can be transmitted by e-mail, on CD, ZIP disks.

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