Post printing services

The post-printing process - is a complex of manipulations with printed products to improve the way how they look. Post-printing processing - is a very important final stage in the print products production. It is a final touch that adds to the product’s shape, strength, decorative elements and more.

The main post-printing processes include:

Cutting is one of the most painstaking work that requires attention, accuracy, concentration and a lot of experience. Otherwise, your perfectly printed print run may be rejected during cutting and all work will go down the drain.

Scoring is a drawing of a straight groove with a creasing apparatus to form folding lines of printing products. This operation is needed for manufacturing; postcards, booklets, leaflets, magazines and more. If you fold a sheet of paper without using this technology, the bending line will be sloppy and damaged.

Folding is the folding of sheets along the lines that are previously applied with a creasing machine.

Brochure | bond | binding - these processes are very important in the manufacture of books, magazines, catalogues, notebooks.

Pressing | lamination is a technology for applying a thin matte or glossy film on one or two sides. The film makes the products presentable and gives strength. This type of post-printing work is used to design magazines, catalogues, booklets, certificates and other printing products.

The cost of an order always depends on the circulation.
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