Printing Services

Printing house CHECKMATE -provides printing services at the level of the best European printing houses.

We work exclusively on our modern equipment, which means that we do not use the services of third parties and do not shift orders to contractors. Therefore, we are fully responsible for your orders and for our reputation. The availability of our equipment ensures that the order is placed on time, and in the event of a defect (sometimes this happens), we are ready to fix everything as soon as possible.

Our modern equipment fleet includes:

  • New generation Konica Minolta digital machines with banner printing
  • Two UV printers with UV varnish function
  • Embossing press for stamping and embossing
  • letterpress Heidelberg
  • Press for sublimation and flexo printing
  • Crucible press for packet, folders and other products
  • Three cutting plotters

We also have other modern equipment for post-printing works.

You can familiarize yourself with the technical capabilities of our production visiting our portfolio, social networks or asking our consultants.

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