Canvas print

Order a picture reproduction, turn a photo into a small work of art, realize interesting ideas for the interior, or come up with an unusual gift.

Modular paintings from several parts that together create a single composition, a reproduction of paintings printed on natural canvas, and stretched on a stretcher. Photo collage of several photos. You can order all of these items and much more in our printing house!

Art printing has its origins since the creation of the first inkjet printers designed for colour proofing, which served as a model for reproducing colour when printing.
One of these printers was Iris, released by Iris Graphics in 1985, which was first used as a device for creating artistic reproductions on various materials, including paper, canvas, silk, linen and other textile products.
Many printing professionals, photographers, artists and engineers of that time saw the opportunity to use this industrial printer as a way to produce high-quality prints of images with high resolution and accurate colour reproduction.

Canvas - is a material made from natural linen, or cotton, on the surface of which is sprayed with PVC and a photo layer. The relief structure of the canvas contributes to a complete imitation of the picture and a presentable appearance of the product.

The cost of an order always depends on the circulation.
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